29 March 2015: Support and Change

As a yoga teacher and a teacher of writing, I get the chance to accompany so many people on their life journeys in some quite intimate ways. Some days it’s overwhelming what people share with me. I’m entrusted with such deep and personal information that these individuals hold in their bodies and minds. It’s easy to forget where their woes end and my life begins.

However, I am grateful to have a yoga practice that reminds me that the end and the beginning are the same. And in fact, the people I meet and work with are part of my journey as well. They teach me about joy and loss, giving me a colorful way to see my own experiences.

I am so lucky to be a person whom others feel worthy of their trust, and so lucky to have such an amazing flow of people in my life constantly teaching me, helping me see the world for what it is and not what I wish it to be.


6 November 2012: Self-expression

Today, I feel grateful to live in a culture where the citizens have not only the right to vote, but the right to say whatever we’d like about the candidates, the ballot issues and the process of voting itself. We have the opportunity to meet, talk to and befriend the people who run our local governments. We eat in the same restaurants and shop in the same grocery stores. We cheer at the same hockey games and attend the same concerts. At any time, we could throw our hats in the ring and work to become one of those lawmakers.

During this election season, I find that it is easy to get bogged down in the negative messages from “the other side.” However, when I can stay focused in the hope I have for my culture and the role I can play in making that hope into a reality, I feel the nervous excitement tingling inside of me. I see a glimpse of the prospects for a future that I look forward to. I let go of my attachment to the results as I’ve imagined them to be, and I allow myself to experience the electric buzz lifting off the ground in my community which, for better or worse, is founded on self-expression.